Monday, March 9, 2015

Forward March!

Temperatures around the Lou have perked up this weekend.  We were stuck in winter mode most of February and the beginning of March.  Our winter was overall mild this year, compared to most of the rest of the country, very mild.  But, despite the last of snow, that which we got stuck around for a while, a week or more.

I went for a walk without a coat or even a jacket on Saturday.  A friend of mine around the block expressed the opinion that winter was not over yet.  It isn't.  But, that which comes in snow or ice won't stick around.  Temperatures are unlikely to drop into the teens again this winter, 20s, yes, teens, probably not.  I am hoping for no snow too.  But, I could be wrong about the snow and the teens.  I don't control the weather.

But, it is March!  Spring is on the way.  The occasional bout of winter's return will not stop that.  Spring is in the air.
February 28th snowstorm at church.

A week later melting by my driveway.

All the cold weather bit the bulbs, but they are coming up now.

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