Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why I pray on my blog on Sunday morning

Once upon a time in the darkest part of my life when I was sad and alone and scared the one thing I had was prayer. I knew that Jesus was with me. But, prayer was also what I craved. I wanted someone to pray for me in my situation. I knew the power in prayer and more than a million dollars, I longed for someone else to pray with. I didn't know how to find someone to pray for me.

When I decided to start a blog that was one thing I wanted to do, to pray. I wanted to offer others that chance to ask me to pray for them, because I do, I will. On Sunday morning, if you read the blog, we are church community for each other. We may go out to our flesh and blood communities, I hope we do. But, sometimes it is harder to ask someone to pray than to type a request on line.

So, on Sunday morning whether you like it or not, I pray, for you, for me, for needs I see around me and requests that have come to me. That is why I pray here on Sunday morning.

(This is a re-post from 2009.)


Jody Blue said...

Thank you Mary

pearlsoftruth said...

It is precious to know someone cares enough to pray for us. What a blessing! Thank you...