Saturday, February 21, 2015


Recently when a friend announced an engagement and another friend announced a new grandbaby, I have to admit a felt a moment of envy.  The envy didn't really involve jealousy in the sense that I wasn't thrilled for their big announcements.  I was completely happy for them.  But, the moment of envy involved the tiny cry within--why not me?  When is my turn?  What fabulous news will I have?  Will I ever help plan a wedding or hold a grandbaby?  Will I ever take a trip of my dreams or have some wonderful thing happen?

I didn't let myself dwell in that pity party very long.  I had a couple a teary minutes and then I moved on.  I let myself remember that my day will come or not.  I had to swallow the truth that I believe, that I am having the best life God planned for me given the fallen nature of the world, and my own personal attraction to sin and longing for things of this world.

I remembered that I can still enjoy the things I have been given, making baby quilts and toys, dreaming and praying for babies.  My life is full and I have lots and lots of lovely people in it.  And a few sore spots and wrinkles.  Most lives have those things sooner or later.

My purpose in life is not to focus on the things I want and don't have.  I need to walk forward with the gifts I have been given and share them with the world for the glory of God.

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