Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Banana Bread Day!

Have some bananas rotting on the counter?  Today is the day to use them and make banana bread.  It is National Banana Bread Day.

And if you want my recipe--it is here.

And I make this banana bread recipe every other week.  My husband eats a half a loaf a week for breakfast.  He imagines I make it because I enjoy doing it.  I don't hate it.  But, it is boring to make the same recipe all the time and it is work, time I could be doing something I really do enjoy.  This is one way that love is expressed, making banana bread that I can't eat for my love because it is his second favorite breakfast.

In my personal first Corinthians chapter 13 it would probably say--Love is patient, love is kind, love bakes banana bread, one goes to Culvers every Sunday,  Love does not seek its own.....

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