Saturday, February 7, 2015

Boring Post for Saturday (A repost from 2012)

I will call this one--Bam!

I was sitting in my house the other day  I was racing around my house the other day trying to get ready to leave so that I could be somewhere on time (I hate to be late).  I had some stuff to gather up and I had gotten home late from a very busy day.  Certainly looking out the front window was not on my list of things to do.

Then I heard a loud "bam" from the front of the house.  I wasn't sure what could have made such a loud noise--a sonic boom, a car colliding with something, a baseball thrown at the house?  I decided reluctantly that I had better leave the task of pulling stuff together and find out what was up.  I went to the front window to see if I could discover the cause of the noise.

When I looked out, right in front of me there was a raptor who had caught a bird.  It wasn't my friends the red-tailed hawk, it was maybe a falcon or a smaller variety of hawk.  I stood transfixed for a while, debating leaving to get the camera.  I stayed because I knew if I left, the bird would be gone. (If I had gotten a picture it wouldn't count as a boring post).  The raptor flew away with it's catch.

I am not sure if the bird could have made the noise I heard.  Certainly, God was calling me to look, to see the wonders of His creation and not to forget why I was here in this time and place.  I have often talked about the hawks being a theophany for me, a sign of God's presence.  Apparently, sometimes I even need a "bam" to get my attention to God in my life.

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