Friday, February 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes

Kelly Mantoan hosts this carnival of blogs.

1. Last weekend the weather was perfect, as though spring was beginning with temperatures in the 60s.  It was hard to believe that it was February, but in this middle of the country confluence sometimes we lean south for our winters and sometimes we lean north.  This year, we have sent it all east it seems.

2. Nine boxes of new books arrived for my library on Monday.  I unpacked them on Tuesday myself instead of having my student worker doing it because I love unpacking new books.  She did the rest of the processing though.  I need to finish them up next week.

3. On Wednesday I made a decision to bring the Mass readings into work and find a few quite moments before the start of the day to read and pray with them.  Almost always my first moments in the library start quiet and the hectic pace of later on in the day is not matched by the hush of the morning.  But, satan heard my plans and decided to give me some trouble.  I have never had a rougher start to a rough day.  I did finally get through the Mass readings before I took a late lunch, but I had so many interruptions I thought I should just start them over again.  The computers were completely haywire on Wednesday.  My check out system is computer based.  But, at the end of the day, I have to laugh at how hard satan worked to try to draw me away from the readings.

4. Wednesday evening my women's group got together again.  We haven't met much this year.  It was great to get together and pray about our needs.  It was great to laugh about our trials and our struggles.

5. Except for a couple of days with the stomach flu, I have been obeying the command of the Fitbit and getting in the 10,000 steps.  I am feeling stronger even after only 3 weeks.  I have ended up finishing the last couple of thousand steps walking around my house on more than one night.

6. I had my book club on Wednesday this week. It was good to get it over with.  I like these kids but they aren't very motivated to try to finish reading all the books or enter the question of the week.

7. I have the Magnificat Catholic Women's Prayer Breakfast tomorrow.  I am hostessing again this time.  I have come to really enjoy the breakfasts.

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Dawn Farias said...

Yep, the devil will always try to thwart the new good plan you've put into place!