Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Treasures--Depression Glass

Depression glass is considered a collectible today.  Maybe it is even antique, if there is a distinction between the two.  These little gems are my entire Depression Glass collection.  The creamer was my great grandma's.  The sugar bowl I bought to go with it so that it would be a set.  I like the pink.  My son (the former ceramic engineer) says that gold has to be used to make a pink or red color in glass.  I don't use a sugar and creamer these days.  I don't drink coffee.  I don't sugar tea.  But I treasure these two pieces because they are pretty and because the one piece belonged to a woman I never knew who speaks to me through time and space and her Depression Glass creamer.  That particular great grandma was the Catholic, the Polish Catholic who passed her faith on to her daughter and grandson and on to me.
This is re-published from a while back when I started a feature called Tuesday Treasures.  It seemed that nobody really wanted to share their treasures.  Perhaps it is just me.


Dandelionmom said...

Depression Glass is one of my favorite things! That something so very pretty came from such troubled times is a tribute to the human spirit. Did we lay down and wallow in what my MIL calls the "dirty 30s" when they literally set the table with the plates upside down because they would be dusty before they ate 20 mins later? No-we found free pretty things and used and enjoyed them-we turned flowered feedsacks into quilts-we changed our brand of flour so that Aunt Lucy could get that last plate in her pattern. And the work we gave each other was just amazing. ooops-sorry for slipping there! My first Depression Glass was pink too! (that's what I was going to say) I'm off to my place to play!--OH and my Dad always had a sugar bowl on his counter for pizza coupons-maybe you could use yours for that! LOL

Dandelionmom said...

I have to add this gem of information... Do you know your pattern name? It's Queen Mary! Made by Hocking between 1936 and 1939--it came in clear and pink with clear being the most common. 30 different pieces were made.

Dandelionmom said...

OK--mine's up now!

abroadermark said...

Wow Dandelionmom - you are a fount of information!! I love when people are excited to share the things they love. It's just so...I don't know...so real - so what makes life interesting and fun, and what makes friendship so wonderful!

I don't have any treasure to share, Mary, or I play along. But I DO enjoy having the chance to peek at your (and the other ladies' too) treasures. I don't, however, know what I think about gals who don't drink coffee or sugar their tea. That is just plain WEIRD!!

Tami said...

My mom has a collection of Depression Glass. I think it is so beautiful.
Dandelionmom--you go girl. I so agree with your ideas about the depression.

I have my Tuesday Treasure posted over at Five Nomads. Stop by if you have a minute.