Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Take My Hand and Run!

It is mid-winter and as I get back to work and routine it is easy to feel stressed and over-tired.  It is very easy.  Lately I have taken it to Jesus, taken it to prayer, this tired discouraged feeling.  And clearly I see my Savior holding out His hand and inviting me to take His.  And when I do, we run!

In real life I doubt I will ever really run again.  My Achilles tendon gets fussy when I stress it too much.  I am afraid to run.  If I rip that tendon, or what it left of it, I won't be walking anymore and I like to walk.  I take care of my tendon.  But in my prayer, I run with Jesus.

I ask Him what it means this joyous run we do.  It seems that I need to keep going, keep planning, keep dreaming and keep my chin up.  There are good things ahead, great things.  If I doubt that, all I have to do is imagine all that I was spared by dodging the cancer diagnosis.  I have just as much chance of having cancer as the next person, I had a scare that showed me a little of what that would mean.  I have reason to fit in those someday things and plans.  I have reason to take Jesus' hand and RUN!  I can't wait for someday.  It may not be there.  My days are written out and I can't add a minute to them.  I need to pray for the strength and courage to answer the call.  And when I hear it, I will run hand in hand with my Lord.

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