Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Saints for the Year

I used Jennifer Fulwiler's random saint generator to pick a saint for the year.  I got St. Martin de Porres.  There is a close by parish that is named for St. Martin, so I was familiar with him.  He seemed like an odd choice for me until I read that he is a patron for public schools.  I work in a public school, so there you go.  I am sure I will find times to speak to St. Martin this year.

Additionally, I have chosen to keep St. Joseph as a patron for me.  I identify with him.  He was well traveled.  He dreamed about angels.  He was called to do things that he didn't understand and maybe didn't even want to do.  But, he was faithful.  I feel a real closeness to St. Joseph.

So, as my 2015 marches forward I pray with St. Martin and St. Joseph for the strength and courage to continue on the path I am called.  These holy men will journey with me through the year.

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