Monday, January 12, 2015

Ordinary Time

It seems fitting that as the Church begins Ordinary Time, I return to work.  I am hoping for a long stretch of ordinary time in the upcoming weeks and months.  I hope to stay well.  I hope to be productive.  I hope to care for others and let them care for me.

I find that I forget the day to day things that happen in the ordinary seasons.  The big events and the holidays stick in my mind, but the common days get lost in the shuffle.  Looking back and trying to remember the ordinary days, I sometimes recognize the important changes and significant events that seemed like nothing at the time.

All the days I am given have significance and should be lived with joy and with courage.  In my recent ill health I became aware of how little control I had over things.  God's divine plan was at work regardless of my plans and schemes and hopes and dreams.  Trust is something I am trying to learn, to accept deep within me instead of giving voice to my belief and then being overcome with fear and panic in the midst of things.

God's mercy and love are the keys to building trust.  Recognizing God's mercy and accepting His love.  One day at a time and step by step, I plan to walk back to work in ordinary time.

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