Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life of the Cat

Our old cat, the last one left, is suffering from kidney failure.  We could choose to fill him with fluid for about $20 a week to keep him going as long as possible, but I don't think that we will. That is about $100 a month and it is not money that I want to spend to keep an old cat alive.  We will probably have him put to sleep this weekend.  He has been a good cat.  We will miss him.  I will cry.

But, he is a cat, not a human member of the family.  He doesn't have a immortal soul.  He is a cat.  And that is the thing that I think about.  Our vet is putting a little mild pressure on us to try the fluid treatments because this cat is easy to treat.  I am not sure that "easy to treat" equals quality of life.  And even if it does, we humans in the house have to make that decision.  Human life is precious. Animals are to be cared for, but are not equal to us.

This is what I think about.  We live in a society where every day babies are put to death before they are born because they might not be perfect or they are inconvenient.  Nobody (or at least pro-choice people and lawmakers) thinks it is good to put pressure on the mothers to consider giving their babies life.  So, why are we so squeamish about our pets?  It makes very little sense to me.

I am looking forward to a little time without litter boxes and cat food and all the messes and problems that owning a pet brings.  We have had cats for about 30 years and I think we are ready for a break.  Maybe a break means that we won't be pet owners any more, or maybe some kitten or puppy will speak to us someday and it will seem right.  I don't think it is anything I will rush into.

Rudy has been a good little cat.  I will miss him and I will cry.  It is sad at the end of a pet's life.  But, I have to make that decision.  I need not to confuse human life with the life of a pet, no matter how much he was loved.

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