Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Breathe

I read something within a list on the Big Mama blog that has helped me a lot.  I thought I would share it, under helpful hints to know and share.  Big Mama had a link to an article about this technique and I am too lazy to look all of that up, but I thought I would share how it has helped me and if you really want to know about all of it, you can find it somehow on the interwebs.

The article extolled a method to fall asleep 4-8-9. Breathe in deeply while counting to 4.  Hold your breath for 8 counts.  Exhale for 9 counts.  As I recall the article talked about stressed people not breathing deeply enough and releasing some kind of natural sleep aide within your body when you breathe slowly and deeply like this.

I have long had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and falling asleep again during the night.  I have read almost every article on sleeping I have come across.  I have tried almost everything suggested to get a good night's sleep.  I have cut down caffeine and eliminated it after 4pm even de-café. I don't talk about upsetting topics in bed or an hour before bedtime.  I stretch, take a warm shower, pray, sleep warm (socks and heated mattress pad), and take a non-prescription sleep aide.  But, sometimes I still can't fall asleep until about midnight.  Sometimes I can't go back to sleep after awaking during the night.  Most of the time I am sleep deprived and I am not able to nap.

I tried the breathing.  I wasn't really expecting it to work.  Big Mama said that it didn't work for her.  I have tried some sort of breathing thing before and it didn't work.  But, this worked.  It really works for me.  I have gotten a better night's sleep since I have tried this.  I have gotten so that I say a rote prayer while breathing instead of counting.  I usually find that after 5 or so of these deep breaths I fall asleep.

Helpful hints to know and share--just breathe.

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Jen said...

Thanks for sharing this idea, Mary. I am going to try this tonight!