Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Empty Place (A Re-Post)

I feel an empty place where the script change was in my life.  Maybe where the script changes are, would be a better way to put it.  In my life I would be the mother of lots of children and grandchildren by this time.  I would be both beautiful and talented and also smart.  And thin.

Certainly, I wouldn't be losing my vision and having aching feet everyday.  I wouldn't be shy and tongue-tied.  I wouldn't have lost my dad so young.  I would have traveled more and I would have a dog. Or dogs.

And when I get in the middle of of a great big old pity party I can start feeling like I wasn't beloved of God.  That I didn't get my fair share.  That life is pretty crappy sometimes (excuse my French).

But, I have learned and I know and I believe and most of the time I feel it that the empty places are places that God can fill me with His mercy and love.  The ache I have is an ache for God, for the perfection of Heaven.

When I invite Him in, God fills the empty places and teaches me about going with the flow of the script changes.  Because there is a script and I have a very important part in it.  If I keep looking for things that aren't there, I will miss the wonderful things that I have.

But, maybe getting a dog wouldn't be a bad idea....


mary333 said...

This is an excellent post, Mary. Who doesn't have pity parties now and then? I know I do. I am thankful for our God who fills the empty places.

Dogs are great! They're another thing I thank God for!

Dawn Farias said...

I feel it that the empty places are places that God can fill me with His mercy and love

Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you.