Saturday, January 31, 2015

Defined By the Cross

As Christians, we are defined by the cross, that God so loved us that He willingly sent His Son to die for us that most horrible of deaths.  The Cross--love, and sacrifice, who we are.  It is perhaps no surprise then that we who are Christians find our lives defined by the crosses we bear and the manner in which we accept and participate in the saving action of God through what we bear with Christ.

The thing I didn't realize when I was younger was--we all have crosses.  We are bear suffering and hurt and troubles in our lives.  If you think that your life doesn't have those things, think again because perhaps you are in denial.  I know that I was for parts of my life.

But, we are not called to suffer needlessly.  Accept the suffering that is part of life, but don't ask for suffering.  Christ died so that we don't have to take the weight of our sins.  We are forgiven.  Freely.  We follow Him.  If there are crosses we accept them. 

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