Friday, January 2, 2015

7 Quick Takes, Happpyyy New Year!

Kelly Mantoan is still hosting this carnival.  Perhaps she has tricked someone into making her a logo.  Or not.  Go around and visit the rest.  They are still good even if they now reside in New Jersey.

On the 2nd of January, it is natural to announce new year's resolutions, so I will bite.

1. I resolve to lose weight this year.  It just has to happen.  I got out of the weight loss group that wasn't helping me.  If I am mindful, I think I can lose.  If I can't, I can go back to the group.  I really need to lose the 10% for my health.

2. I resolve to continue to do the things I love.  I have laid out a couple of more little quilts and these should keep me busy well into 2015.  I intend to travel.  I intend to continue researching the book I am writing with my sister.

3.  I resolve to continue to take care of my mom and help her in her old age.

4.  I resolve to try to help and encourage others more. When I was at a low and desperate point in November/ December, people stepped in and prayed for me and helped me in various ways. I would like to try to be that person for others more than I do.

5.  I resolve to clear away some of the too much stuff around here. Selectively, and carefully and relentlessly. (If there weren't people like me, there would be no museums, you know.)

6.  I resolve to attend daily Mass as often as I am able and get to Confession more than I did this past year. And pray more.

7.  I resolve to find ways to be with people more, to reach out and to have friends that I actually see. I would benefit from more social time with others.
And what do you know--here is the logo.  Somebody took the bait.  I should find out who they are and buy some whitewash......

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Rita Buettner said...

What a great list of resolutions. I will have to check back to hear more about your book. Happy New Year!