Friday, January 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes, Friday,

Kelly Mantoan hosts this meme.  She isn't taking the bait from the last couple of weeks when I threw that logo in her face, so I guess I am done with that. I work with middle school students, I can respect someone who practices "do not engage" like a master.  Go around and visit the rest of the linkers.

1.  I removed Googlebot from my stats.  I am not sure whether I have stopped the bots or just removed them from the stats, but either way, it is okay with me.  I would rather be a blog that you found by the referral of friends than one that you got by searching sycamore trees or shishi dogs.  This is a personal weblog, not an information piece.  I would hate to be sited in some kid's footnotes.

On the downside, the statcounter has dropped dramatically and the illusion that many people read my blog is over.  And that is okay.

2. The weekend was spent cleaning up the last vestiges of cat from the house.  We have been cat-less for about 2 weeks.  I miss my little fat cat, but I am not anxious to replace him.  Cats are fun, but they are work.  Getting another cat right away says that my cat was replaceable.  To me, he wasn't.  I need a little time.

3. Monday I finished off the rose quilt for a friend's second grand-daughter.  I didn't really like it when I first put it together, but as I worked on it, it grew on me.  I did a little fancier quilting in the white spaces than I usually do.

I also finished the quilt for the secretary at my school  Her little boy isn't due until April.  I was on a red, white and blue kick for a while, but I think I am over it.

4. Tuesday seemed like a long day at school.  I got a lot done.  I marvel that I probably got more done than last week on Thursday when my classes largely didn't show up.  The hum of busy keeps me productive.  It is harder to start the work week on Tuesday than to have Friday off, in my opinion.

5. Wednesday, I had book club after school.  Those kids are a mouthful.  I finished putting the book quizzes into my grid during the day.  It was a grueling day of filing. There was over 100 quizzes.  My school is still winning.  This is one of those tasks that is better to keep up with than to catch up with.

6. Thursday night I went to the area wide prayer meeting at the Rigalli Center.  Friday there is a soup-er bowl at work and so I am bringing soup.  Dust bowl soup which is sort of a beef vegetable soup.

7. Even though we have had very little snow and the temperatures have been pretty good lately for January, I found myself feeling a little down and longing for spring the other day.  At the grocery store I saw my favorite mid-winter aide.  I keep it beside the sink so that I can smell it while I am doing the dishes.
There will no doubt be snow and wind and foul weather still, but I have a little whiff of fragrance to remind me that spring is coming.

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