Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Things I Learned from the Cats

For the first time in nearly 30 years we have no cats.  My little fat cat, Rudy had kidney failure and is gone.  The house seems quiet without cats.  There are things I don't miss about the cats, including the litter and the cat barf, but there are things I do miss.  There are many things I learned from the cats.

These are some life lessons from some very good cats---

1. Don't bite unless you are being hurt or really put upon and give fair warning before you do.

2. Remind people to meet your needs.  Sulking gets you no where.  Speaking up does.

3. Develop habits that improve personal happiness and safety.  Change these habits up every so often.

4. Purr when you are happy.

5. Get enough sleep.

6. When playing, get into the game and chase that fake mouse as though your life depended upon it.

7.  Attend to personal grooming.

8. Stink inside the box, if the box is filled with litter.

9. Greet people at the door, especially when they are late coming home.

10. Keep regular hours and demand that the people you live with do too.

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