Friday, December 19, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Kelly Mantoan in hosting this carnival.  She is cute and funny.  Go around and visit her and the others.  I am sure that she will come up with a logo someday. (She tried to get us all to do it for her and I can admire that in a person, having grown up across from Hannibal, Mo and practically having Tom Sawyer memorized.  But I won't be working for her, nope.  She can whitewash her own fence.)

1.  The past two weeks have been so eventful, having thought I had cancer (it was only pre-cancer), meeting with an oncologist in the Cancer Center (it was only pre-cancer), and having a total hysterectomy (there was no cancer left in there, and it was only pre-cancer).  By the grace of God I was able to have robotic surgery which has led to a faster recovery time.  I have to remind myself that I am still healing because I have this tendency to over-do it and then suffer a bit with sore everything.

2. The trouble for me is that the above events and the fact that I haven't felt well since late September have made me not at all in the mood to do anything to get ready for Christmas.  I couldn't imagine sending out Christmas cards. (Merry Christmas, I think I have cancer, oh, haha, it was only pre-cancer.)  I haven't shopped at all.  (Got your Christmas shopping done?  Sure, I am not doing any this year.)  We did put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend to try to raise the mood around here. (Didn't really work for me.)  So, all in all I am not sure what kind of Christmas this is going to be.

3. But, the good news is, I am starting to feel better.  Not bleeding for the first time in months has a lot to do with it, I am sure. I need to figure out what is important and jump back into life.  I still hurt around the middle and I discovered that I was placed in an upside down position for this surgery which maybe explains why everything feels as though it has accumulated in the middle of me.

4. My sister has three chapters of the book we are writing done.  I suppose that it is her book, and I am feeding research and plot ideas.  It is a young adult book based on the life of our great grandparents who lived remarkable lives. So, I critiqued and sent my plot ideas to her to get the next three chapters done. Easiest way to write a book ever.

5.  I am working again on my passport.  I am planning to travel this summer.

6. The surgery has meant time off of school.  It is both fun and maddening to be home.  My life lacks people, it is too quiet.  I turn on the television, but that is not really compelling.  It is nice not to pack a lunch and to sometimes scoot over to 8am Mass, but it is frustrating wondering what kind of mess will be waiting when I return.

7.  Yayas, my women's prayer group met this week and I was able to go.  I really needed some girl time.

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