Thursday, December 18, 2014

O Adonai

O Adonai, and leader of the house of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush and gave him the law on Sinai:  come and redeem us with an outstretched arm.

The appearance to Moses was by extraordinary means.  It wasn't just hearing God in Moses' heart or mind.  It was not a rustling wind or the natural event of a wild storm.  People who doubt the existence of God often explain supernatural encounters as though they were a simple minded person's view of a totally explainable happening.  God appeared in fire in a bush that burned, but was not consumed.  God sometimes chooses to interact with man by the supernatural.

I ask for this, for the outstretched arm of my Lord to redeem me.  I am in need of salvation.  Recent events have shown me if I didn't know before how little say I have in anything that involves my living or my dying.  I am here at the Lord's kind providence. And yet saved, I continue to need saving.

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