Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy 36

36 years married today.  Who would have thought this would happen?  I am certainly the definition of an old married lady.  We grew up together and there were bumps along the way.  We have scars and remembrance of disappointments.  We don't understand each other as well as we should after so many years.  We still have very little in common as far as interests or entertainment value.

Our faith in God has taken us this far. But, we do have a lot of years and a lot of memories.  We toured Tokyo together, climbed Diamond Head, went to Disney World and Lands and raised a son together and he could have turned out worse, I suppose.  We have had cats and fish and hamsters.  I have listened to more music than I ever wanted to, and you, my dear, have put up with more craft projects and piles of messes than you ever needed to see.  We don't fit together perfectly.  There are still places where we rub each other the wrong way.  But, that is sandpaper, it makes us smooth.

But, we lasted.  Somehow through willpower, tenacity, faith we have grown love.  It has been worth the trouble.  It has been an honorable journey.

Happy Anniversary, my love, I am blessed to have had you along on the journey.

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