Saturday, December 27, 2014

7 Years Old, A Boring Post for Saturday

So, now we are seven this blog and myself as a blogger!  Seven is such a nice age.  No more rants and tantrums.  If I am feeling that way I have learned to take a step back, sit on my hands and not blog for a period of time until I get my perspective back.  Having learned from my mistakes, I try to think before I blog and say what I mean and mean what I say and don't say it mean. 

Seven still has hope in possibilities and trust in good.  I recently found a picture of me on the day of my First Communion in my dress sitting with my grandma who was also my God-mother.  I would have been about seven in the photograph.  I was a cute little seven year old.

I ask myself about the blog and why I continue.  I took a couple of months off in the summer and the surgery week recently.  It was good to step away when I needed to.  Last summer I was really focused on how good the blog stats were and thought a lot about trying to up my writing and become a better, more interesting blog.  I ultimately decided that I enjoy a personal backwater, not popular blog where I can flit between recipes for banana bread and thoughts about the Incarnation.  One of my purposes in stepping away had to do with focusing on research for a book that my sister is writing and I am researching on our family history.  I am happy to report that the project is started and maybe in 12 or 13 years it will be a book.

So, what kind of blog is Hope Echoes?  I would truly say that this blog is a personal log, a diary of sorts that is shared.  One of the best things, the best time of my life was the mommy time.  But, the kid is 34 and so those days are over.  Grandma time hasn't come yet.  There hasn't been a wedding.  But, I am trying to focus on what is and what can be and not on the things that aren't.

I would have said I was a strong woman of faith and that I lived my life boldly and with joy, but the illness this year knocked me on my backside and taught me that I have a distance to grow in learning how to live.  I wasn't so much afraid of dying as I was of surgery and needles and all of that.  I am not a very good patient.  I was so blessed in that I side stepped the part that terrified me.  And I don't know why I was spared all of that.  I really don't.  But, I rejoice in the unearned gift.

Over the next year on the blog, it should be more of the same.  This is a personal web log that I put out there.  I am not a professional writer.  I am pedestrian.  But, the sincere lives and experiences of others can be interesting and sometimes instructive, so for what it is worth, I give you all good wishes and one more year of hope echoes.

And how lovely is it that this is Saturday?  A Boring Post for Saturday, my specialty.

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