Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Saints! The Saints!

Today is All Saints Day.  (And not a holy day of obligation in most of the US!)  It is a day to honor and celebrate and pray with our friends the saints.  In my earliest memory of what saints were, I think I thought a saint had to be an old man, or to have died a terrible and tragic death while forgiving everyone who harmed him or her, or have a religious vocation.  That pretty much let me off the hook.  I would never be an old man.  I hoped not to die a terrible and tragic death.  Much less to have to forgive my tormentors.  And I didn't feel any call to the sisterhood.

As an adult, especially in more recent years, the emphasis has become on the possibility of saints living long, fruitful lives, even being married, being women or men and in short being just like you and me.  Being you and me, but having completed the journey.  That gives me a lot of hope.  And also pressure.  I have the potential to be a saint someday.  I need to live that potential now.  You and me, we were all created to be saints. (Not angels.)

Today is a day to look to our examples of a life well lived--the saints!

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