Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Plans He Made for Me

My November was pretty tightly planned.  I had spiritual direction, doctors appointments, surgery scheduled, holiday plans with my family, a birthday, a book fair, just to mention the big things.  I had plans.  Among the key to those was the surgery I had scheduled the day after Thanksgiving.  A lot of things were done working up to that and plans were made working around that.  I had plans.

Fortunately, I had completed all the preliminaries for the surgery and it was in the books.  The only thing I had left was the EKG and the pre-op.  But, I was good to go.  Then my body decided to have a little problem that became a bigger problem.  I ended up in the ER on Friday.  I didn't know what would become of my plans.  I just knew that I needed help and somebody was going to have to help me.

It turns out that my doctor who only schedules procedures a few days a week and often travels to present papers and stuff about the kind of surgery he performs was in the hospital performing procedures on Friday when I turned up in the ER.  He decided after hearing about me that he would add me on and finish me up Friday night.  The surgery that was planned the day after Thanksgiving was going to be happening in the midst of all my plans.

And it went okay.  I was aware going in that it might require a second surgery and it will.  I am a little concerned that my problem will reoccur before the next surgery gets to the schedule point and I will end up in the ER again.  But, I am not worried about it.  I will be able to go on and do book fair next week and Thanksgiving and yay, no surgery the day after.  This is better than I had planned.  It was God's plans.

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