Saturday, November 22, 2014


This has been a particularly rough week.  I suppose any week that one receives a cancer diagnosis has got to be among the roughest.  I am disappointed in the way I handled the news, am handling the news.  In the long run, I know I get to dance with Jesus forever no matter what, so what am I worried about?  Well, unfinished, unfulfilled things for one thing.  And needles and all the problems of living with a disease like breathing.  And my job and the troubles HR is giving me instead of the help they should be giving me.

But, I expect that if I once get a good night's sleep and get used to the idea perhaps I will start doing better.  I think I will call my oncologist Dr. Yogurt.  I meet him on December 3rd. (Or sooner if he has a cancellation.)

So, today is Saturday and I am planning to find some moments of joy and not to worry.  I am looking for joy in the present and the gift of life from the author of life.  And if I spill a few tears it has to do with the newness of it all and the adjusting.

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