Monday, November 17, 2014

Let It Snow

Well, we had some accumulating on Saturday.  Even though I frequently claim to live in the south, snow is not a rare thing here in the Lou.   But snow before Thanksgiving is rare.  Some would say a rare treat, but most in the Lou look at it with fear and dread.  Snow slows us down and we are rarely ready for it by the 15th of November.

Not so, when I was a kid in northern Illinois.  My birthday is November 13th, the Feast Day of St Frances Xavier Cabrini and in Rockford the 13th was about the average snow date.  My family would make little bets and jokes about whether it would snow for my birthday.  Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't.  I remember especially my dad teasing me about being windy and bringing the snow.

I wasn't feeling great on my birthday last Thursday.  I ended up having surgery on Friday, so that explains it, but on my birthday I didn't know that was coming.  As I drove to school on Thursday little snowflakes danced on my car window.  All through the day little snow showers danced outside the windows of my library.  And I had to smile and remember my dad.  I absolutely believe my dad is up there dancing in heaven and I don't believe the dead communicate with us or send us messages.  When we ask, they pray for us.

But, I do believe that things on earth can give us reminders of people we loved and can give us a lift and a positive feeling.  That is how I felt on Friday remembering my happy laughing dad and the things he would sometimes say.  The snowflakes were a gift on Thursday. 

I am just not sure how I feel about the ones that came on Saturday.....

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