Saturday, November 15, 2014

Boring Post for Saturday

Have you tried Oikos Pumpkin Pie Yogurt?  If you love pumpkin pie and you love yogurt then you should.  It is delicious!  (Not sponsored by anyone, I just like me some pumpkin pie yogurt.) And I had planned to write a longer post about it, but it was overtaken by events....

And this post is late because I ended up in the hospital having the surgery scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving last night.  I went into the ER with a heavy bleed and the doctor who was doing the surgery was there and he just added me on to his cases.  I am out today and really tired from not getting any sleep in the hospital at all, but I am feeling better.

Just before I was discharged the Eucharistic minister came in and I had Communion. So that was the icing on the cake, but my birthday dinner at Lewis and Clarks will be rescheduled.  I keep thinking about--I know the plans I have made for you.....God had other plans than the birthday dinner and I won't have to be worried until Thanksgiving..... Unfortunately, the one surgery didn't get it all, so I will need to schedule something for December.  God has those plans worked out too.

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