Saturday, November 29, 2014

Boring Post for Saturday--Life

Life is not cheap.  I read everyday about murders around here and if I didn't know better, I would think that life was cheap and the lives of some people didn't matter.  Young men who run around and use drugs of various types put their lives at risk.  But, how to change that?  I can't tuck them all into their beds at night.  I can't teach all of their parents how to do the job right.

The problem is that a lot of young men are running around with guns and bad attitudes.  Nobody has told them in a way they can understand or believe that life is precious.  Nobody has told them to take care of themselves.  Somehow they don't know that there is a life ahead of them, a future full of hope.  They are blowing it.  So many lives are lost.

In the past 6 months or so I have been effected by the deaths of  2 young men, both 18, both African American, both using illegal substances, both died by gunshots, both mourned by parents.  One I never met, but the aftermath of his death has effected the whole region and even closed my school.  The other went to my school, has a sibling who still does go where I work.  You won't have heard his name.  He is just one of many, many young people who has been killed by guns this year in my county.  I wish I knew how this could be stopped.  I don't have any answers.

Life is not cheap.  Life is precious.  Life is precious.  Life is precious.  Everyone matters.  Doing reckless and daring things that may cost a life is not funny or praiseworthy or exciting or necessary.  Life is precious.  Protect life.

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