Friday, November 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler usually hosts this carnival of the blogs. Today it is that Kelly from NJ. Go around and visit the rest.

1. Last week I was anticipating a birthday celebration at Lewis and Clarks.  It wasn't to be.  I had a bleeding episode that required a trip to the ER and the surgery I had planned after Thanksgiving to be done Friday night.  There were moments of grace and mercy within all of the scary stuff.  I lost enough blood that I need to take some serious iron and I am not currently doing very well with this.  After the pills initially gave my stomach troubles, I planned to back off and do something wimpier like take a multi-vitamin with iron.  When I spoke to my general practioner he explained to me why that wasn't good enough and convinced me that I needed to step it up.  Also, he scheduled a blood test for me Dec. 1-ish and I am expected to show improvement.  I hate failing tests.

2. I have felt terrible at school this week.  The blood loss and the iron and the anti-biotics have taken it out of me.  And this was book fair week.  Exhausting.  Somewhere in here are the plans He made for me.

3. Everybody in the country seems to have enjoyed unseasonably cold weather this week.  The extreme cold and snow broke records around here.

4. I baked pumpkin bread for a teacher thing on Wednesday.  It tasted pretty good and was very easy.

5. Wednesday night I had a session on Unbound.  I was freed from fear about all of this medical stuff which gets scarier by the minute.

6. The doctor finally got back to me on Thursday afternoon. I was awaiting the results of the tests on my cells to make sure that they were normal.  He called right when I got home.  He was still in Canada at a conference.  In my heart I knew that if it wasn't bad news he would have had the nurse tell me.  It was bad news.  I am referred to a oncologist for a hysterectomy.  I still have to make that appointment.

7. One thing that last week's little ER visit showed me is that I can't  just start posts and leave them to publish themselves if they aren't finished.  I need to save things to draft more and not assume that I will be showing up to finish them before they publish themselves.

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Old school mom said...

Prayers for full and complete recovery.