Friday, November 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival of blogs.  Welcome if you tripped in here from there.

1. I didn't end up handing out candy on Halloween for the first time in years.  When it came time, I just felt like watching a movie that was on instead of answering the door, so I left the lights off.  I have a bunch a candy to take to school for my reading contest.  Win-win.

2. Saturday, was, I hope, the ceremonial last mowing of the year.  The grass looks so green and lovely.  It is hard to imagine that it will soon look brown and dead.  We had the first hard frost on Halloween.  Winter is lurking out there.  I can smell it.

3.  When I talked to Mom on Sunday, she told me that she had been sick.  My uncle had also been in the hospital last weekend.  That is the way of 90 year old relatives. (Or 93 in Mom's case.)

4. Monday I raced between hospitals and doctors to have tests done to see about the fibroid surgery.  It looks about as the doctor predicted and I should be able to have the easier one day recovery surgery.  All that ultrasounding and saline dye was hard on my system though and I was wiped by the afternoon.  It all stirred up feelings about past procedures and doctors.

5.  And Tuesday I did the dentist and a mammogram.  I have about had it with doctors and hospitals.

6. Wednesday I went to the Encounter Adoration.  I was supposed to meet some friends there, but I never ran into them.  I needed to be there.  I ran into Christ.

7. And Thursday was the longest day ever.  I had book club and the kids were chatty.  My student worker is hard to keep busy.  She is fast.  Good problem to have, I suppose.

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momco3 said...

I was smelling the change of seasons on my run yesterday, too.