Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Edition of Tuesday Treasures--Come and Play With Me (Revisited)

On Tuesday I used to invite you to share your treasures.  I love to visit girlfriend's house and see the apron made by her great grandmother or her sister's bracelet.  On Tuesday I used to share some of the stuff I have. My treasures.

With today's entry I must truly admit I am a packrat, there is not denying the evidence.  I have had these paper dolls for over 50 years.  They have moved with me to Japan, Hawaii, Florida, the Lou.  Perhaps they have escaped culling because they are so small and they fit in with all the papers and books I have.  But, if I am honest I have to admit they were one of my very favorite toys.  I am not sure that I even saved them to play with a child or grandchild.  I really love my paper dolls.  I don't think I would risk seeing them torn up if they were played with my some child who didn't treasure them.

These are my paper dolls.  I had a girlfriend when I was 6 or seven who played paperdolls with me.  We both had the Nursery Dolls set and she had some other grown up one.
Do you recognize this raven haired beauty?  ***Edited because when I wrote this Elizabeth Taylor was still alive.***I am just so endlessly thankful that she is still alive and I don't have to explain to all you little girls who she is.  I am sure you don't recognize her from the way she looks today.  But once upon a time she was stunning.  National Velvet is the clue if you are into old movies.

Yes, she is Elizabeth Taylor.  A long long time ago.  Hard to imagine isn't it?
 I did think of having a fashion parade with Elizabeth modeling each and every lovely outfit, but I decided to leave that to your imaginations.
These are lovely 1950s styles though.  A little too retro for today's tastes.***Or maybe not?***
The Nursery Dolls were a whole different story.  Both my friend Suzy and I were the oldest of four children, two boys and two girls so we saw ourselves in this doll family.  I think we also to some extent saw our future selves with children, but we were young enough to identify with these young dolls.  I noticed that I had carefully wrapped each wardrobe in a napkin so that it stayed separate from the other doll's clothing.

Each doll was carefully located in its own place.

 How well I remember each outfit.  Changing these babies for every imagined event was the fun of paper dolls.
I wonder if the little boy's hand is tired from being raised for more than 50 years.

I wonder what to do with them.  I don't think they would display well.  Can you imagine framed paper dolls?  Me neither.  As I mentioned I don't really want to watch some other little girl rip them up.  I took such special care of them all these years.  Well, they don't take up much space.  I will just keep them a while longer.  Some things aren't meant to be decided today.

And this is a week for running behind. 


DandelionMom said...

Color me surprised that such a careful little girl became a librarian! :D Those are really sweet-I bet the little girl was too-but I bet she bossed baby sitters around if they dared do something like put a fork in the wrong space.

I also stopped by to see if the prodigal kitty has shown himself yet?

Mary said...

Didn't have babysitters until I was old enough to be one. My mom had 4 children in 5 years and there is 2 and a half years between me and my next brother. So, I had siblings to boss and my nickname was the Old Gray Mare. I suppose I was rather serious as a child.

I look at the paperdolls and I just can't throw them away. It is a sickness.

Tami said...

I think they are keepers. Like you said they don't take up much room. When they bring back such wonderful memories, I'd say they are definitely worth the space.

Julie Southern (Studio Sherwood) said...

My mom still has her paper dolls - she drew and colored them herself. It's an amazing collection. I was much more into physical dolls, not being patient with paper. Which is ironic since I now deal in digital paper designs, LOL.