Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank You, Father

Dear Father God,

Sometimes I imagine You with my small human brain just bursting forth with life and love like an explosion, like a geyser, like a lava eruption.  I am covered by Your love.  The whole world is covered by Your love.  Thank You for all the good gifts and all the chances to make my life into the beautiful journey You planned for me, for Your patience when I got off course and Your guidance when I only halfway trusted or believed.

The life I have had has been fabulous, joyful and lovely.  Thank You for the course corrections and the encouragements.  Thank You for loving me when I could not love myself.  As the song says--Your grace is enough.

Your beloved daughter,


1 comment:

Julie Southern (Studio Sherwood) said...

I love your celebration of God's grace and His love. Thank you.