Monday, October 27, 2014

So, Monday

It was a whirlwind weekend just past.  I had Friday off due to endless conferences the previous nights.  On Friday I got the oil changed in my car.  I picked up meds for the surgery next month.  And I enjoyed the sunshine.  But, Saturday I ran up to Quincy.  It was time to visit Mom and the side benefit was that my dad's brother, and his wife, or another way of saying it is--my uncle and aunt from Virginia were visiting.  I treasure my times with them.  It is a last contact with someone who knew my dad as a child.  Since my dad has been gone over 30 years I hunger for memories of him.

But, today it is Monday and back to work.  It will be a busy, busy week.  I am catching up on some stuff that had gotten behind last year when my high school student quit.  I had to move my busiest day of student check outs from last week to today because of the doctor's appointment last Wednesday.  It always sounds like a good idea until I am faced with a busy week.

Now that the surgery is pinned down, I am going strong in preparation for the book fair the week before the week of Thanksgiving.  Busy, busy times.

And now it is just getting through a busy week and knowing that the week that follows will be busy with medical appointments from ultra sounds to the dentist.

And this isn't much of a post, but it is what is on my mind.....

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