Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quest for Truth

So who am I really?  It turns out that when I was told over and over again as a young child and even later as a young woman and even now as a woman getting older who I was, it may not have been the truth.  I have carried the weight of responsibility, intelligence, and dependability with me throughout my life.  I have carried the weight of not being the pretty one, of not being worthy of love, of being fat with me too.  And this is the thing.  I am a child of God.  I don't have to take on the responsibility of everyone else.  I don't have to be smart and dependable.  I am me.  I am worthy of love just as I am.  And to God, I am beautiful.

So here I am in the final quarter of my life, trying to figure out who I am.  Why was I created and what special gifts so I have that will draw the people I meet to Christ.  What is in me that will help others to know Christ through my gifts?

Sadly, I don't know the answer.  I don't know even part of the answer.  I don't know where to start looking for the answer.  So today I pray.

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