Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marathon Man

Sometimes life is more like a marathon than a sprint.  It pays to pace yourself.  My son ran his first marathon the first Sunday in October.  I made it there right at the moment he finished.

In fact we heard his name when we were not yet close to the finish line and as we walked up there I heard, "Hi, Mom!"

His girlfriend had taken him over in the morning and waited around all morning.

This was what the finish line looked like.

It was his first marathon and he had a personal goal to beat 5 hours.  He was right at 5 hours and some seconds, so he was disappointed.  But, what is 18 seconds more or less?

The finish line was on the Missouri River front in St. Charles.

The water was fairly high and debris was floating down.  I never see any boats on the Missouri River.

Lewis and Clark and the Newfoundland Seaman were standing in the park.

And that was the marathon.

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