Saturday, October 4, 2014

Love Is Patient

Love is patient.  Maybe that is easier to understand and to follow as I age.  I used to be more quick and hop-to-it.  Now I am slow and draggy most of the time.  People have to be patient with me.  I am also trying to dance the dance of extreme old age with my mom.  That requires patience.  Especially when she says the same exact thing over and over.

I was trying to think about whether love was ever impatient and short tempered.  I have concluded, no.  The opposite of patience is never love, meaning that it is never from the Lord.  Yet, sometimes I am impatient.  Just a reminder that I am a sinner and God isn't finished with me yet.  Patience, love, these are things I am put here to learn.

Love is patient.

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