Monday, October 6, 2014

Love Is Kind

Love is kind seems sort of a basic concept, doesn't it?  But, how many people purported to love each other are not kind?  The most dramatic example of the opposite of that I ever saw was at a wedding where the groom smashed the brides face with the cake.  It was almost an abusive smearing, almost violent.  It seemed like the bride may have cried.  She was surprised in a not positive way, at the least.  Love is kind.  Always do the nice thing, the kind thing.

Perhaps that is not as easy as I make it sound.  There are certainly gray areas where the kind thing isn't obvious.  There are times when the "kind" thing might harm someone.  That is why the rest of Paul's statements to the Corinthians helps to define love totally.  But, today I will reflect on this---Love is Kind.

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Jen said...

Just last week, at the prompting of the Spirit, I created an Examination of Conscience based on 1 Cor 13.

It's pretty convicting, actually. Especially for someone who chose to include that reading in her wedding (me).

Nice post.