Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Casting the First Stone

Let the one without sin cast the first stone.....

I was praying about criticism.  As a child, as a parent, as a spouse, as a teacher, I have criticized and I have been criticized.  Criticism is different than telling someone what you would like them to do.  It really is. Criticism is like throwing stones at people.  It hurts and it doesn't cause them to love or desire to please.  It may engender fear or hatred.  In fact it seems to me that criticism is like sending out little jabs of hate.

A better strategy, it seems to me is to either be a broken record in requesting the thing that you want done, or doing it yourself, or lowering your standard and letting it go.  If you are sending out a lot of criticism I would ask you to ask yourself--what do you want to accomplish by the criticism? Fear, hatred, submission to your will?  And why do you feel the need to criticize someone else?  Would you throw heavy stones at someone else?  Are you, yourself perfect, without sin?

And so, I am trying to lay down the sin of criticism and become the person I am called to be.

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