Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival o' blogs....Go around and visit the rest.  And if you are visiting from there, welcome!  I am 60.  A middle school librarian.  Mother of one and one in heaven.  Wife for a long long time, but who is counting.  A Catholic.  A beloved child of God.  And not necessarily in the order listed.

1. Last week I drove up the river to Quincy.  I tried to arrange some of Mom's financial affairs in a way that will be easier to manage.  I realize that I need checks and an ATM card on an account of hers so that I can get her money when the bank is closed and pay for things that she forgets.  The bank didn't have the proper paperwork filed.  But, I was patient and I trust that it will all work out. They never called me about it, so I hope that it is in the works.

2. Mom and I had a good visit.  For a 93 year old she had a busy social schedule.  She had brunch at her church on Sunday morning.  Then lunch with me and sis and my aunt and uncle from Virginia.  Then a church (not hers) was having a supper at 5pm.  She went from one eating event to another.  Good thing that she is thin.

3. Aunt and Uncle were a delight.

4. I was exhausted by the time I got home Sunday evening and I have had an exhausted week.  I am truly ready to turn the clocks back and sleep that extra hour.

5. Something rather amusing and ridiculous happened one day this week.  A new teacher who is someday going to be really good, I think, but these days is trying to handle everything herself and goes with her first thought did something that was ridiculous.  Some boys carried their little literature novels down to the library during the check out.  They must have lost their ever loving minds and started throwing and hiding these books and other kids got involved.  So, when it was time to leave they could not find their books.  The teacher told them in no uncertain terms that they had to stay in the library until they found their books.  For 45 minutes they played around pretending to and sort of looking for the books.  Then it was lunch time, mine, and I told them they had to leave.  They argued but I won because I am the boss of the library.  If I had not made them leave I am sure that they would be there still playing around among the shelves and pretending to look for the books.  (Which were not going to jump out and bite them. The books are either under the shelves and will have to be poked out with a meter stick or have fallen behind other books.)  The books will turn up eventually.  As I watched the ridiculousness of the thing, I reflected that they weren't my monkeys, but it was my circus.

6. The weather turned cold on Thursday and we expect our first frost tonight.  Maybe that will make mowing a done deal.

7. Halloween today.  I expect to work off some of my purgatory since I labor in a middle school. We are doing nerd day.  I am not sure what that means.

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