Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival of the blogs.  Welcome, if you are a visitor from there.

1. I get a lot of "hits" on my pictures of the Advent By Candlelight tables from that event at my church for the past few years.  I decided last year that it was my last time hostessing a table for a while. It seems to me that my church does things in a competitive fashion and I just couldn't keep up with the pressure.  It isn't that I worried for myself that I wasn't good enough, I just didn't want guests who looked around at the other tables and wished they were there.  This year the powers that be decided that the hostess should provide a light meal for the guests and just make desserts for their own tables.  That is what some of the women wanted who didn't want to share fancy desserts and wanted to provide a meal for their guests. 

As for me, I was just able to make some desserts the night before and get there to set up the table.  I planned out things for months ahead, but the physically carrying things in and then out of the church hall at the end of the night was exhausting.  I just can't do it. So this year I am resting.  I am going to Advent not as a hostess trying to provide a luscious feast for 8 to 10 women after a long day of work, but as a penitent who stays home if no one asks me to their table.

2. I got a new cell phone this past weekend.  It is so pretty and white.  I also changed carriers.  I will have to see how that goes.  They offer classes on smart phones.  It seems a little unnecessary.  But, I only just figured out how to shut off data on my old smart phone. As I look at the new one I haven't a clue how to turn the data off.

3. I had parent teacher conferences on Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, and afternoon to evening on Thursday.  On Friday I will rest.  Nobody really needs to talk to me.  I saw a few of the book club kids and former book club kids.  Otherwise I cleaned out drawers and processed and repaired books and ordered $1000 worth of books.  I put fines in the system so that kids will get bills with their report cards.  I set up the book fair and a plan for the February book fair.  I stayed busy.  It is hard to stay at school until 8pm though.  It makes for a very long day.

4. I took Wednesday, the feast day of John Paul II, off of school during the day to go to a new doctor about the fibroid issue I have.  The hope was that I could have a procedure done that would only require one day of recovery.  It has a really long Latin name, this procedure.  I had been preparing myself to be told that I couldn't have that procedure and would be told that for me there was only a hysterectomy.  And I had been praying hard for the one day procedure with the quick recovery.  After several hours with the doctor and another test scheduled to make sure, it looks like I will have the one day procedure and it is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving. Thank You, Lord, for this mercy.  The doctor was one of the nicest I have ever been to.  He talked and talked and was interested in my long and sad gynecological history.

5. One of the good things about the phone/camera thing I see is that parents always have a camera to document the moments of their kid's lives.  As long as that doesn't get taken too far, that is great.  I was happy to see the parents of one of my readers documenting his accomplishments on the reading board.  So nice that it isn't just sports that gets noticed.

6. There has been glorious fall weather this week.  The trees are all decked out and looking fabulous. (And this is a placeholder.)  Also, the great horned owl has been hooting on our roof in the middle of the night again this week.  We call him Hooty.

7. I have been so busy and tired lately that my deep prayer time has gotten short shrift.  As I sat the other day and wasn't feeling very prayerful it came to me again that it isn't about the feeling and I just had to sit in prayer, even if I wasn't feeling it.  Whenever I started to get distracted I started or continued the rosary and I was able to get back into prayer again.  Good advice, if I can just remember it. Prayer isn't about the feeling.

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Deanna said...

I love the Advent idea but every time I try to convince my pastor to do it, he says we are too busy during that time with all everything else! Hope your new doctor helps.