Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. I got word on Saturday morning that my niece/ God-daughter Hannah is was doing better.  Her colon was kinked somewhere and there was talk of doing full scale surgery on Monday.  But, she began to improve on Friday last week. Then on Monday I heard that she had developed a blood clot and was being moved to a different hospital.  Despite these things she was released from the hospital Wednesday.  It has been a tough and complicated time. She will have to have daily shots of a blood thinner for 3 months.

2. Sunday after lunch we went to watch our son who was completing in his first marathon.  We parked so far away that although we heard his name announced as he crossed the finish line, we were too far away to see him.  We got to talk to him immediately afterwards and send him home.  He ran this race in the half marathon category last year.

3. Sunday my uncle called.  He is the only sibling left of my dad.  It always feels special when I get to talk to him.  It was his 46th wedding anniversary.  I was there at that wedding in Williamsburg, VA.  He is going to attempt another trip to the Midwest in a couple of weeks.  I am planning to get up to Quincy to see him.  (And I have my brother to thank for the phone call because he was talking to my mom and my uncle could get neither of them.)

4. I then talked to my mom.  She is doing better and better since her carpal tunnel surgery.  I still marvel at her 93 years.

5. I discovered that my high school assistant enjoys putting the mylar covers on new library books.  I happen to have a cart full of books that need those covers put on.  This little girl is the first one I have ever had who I would trust to do this job.  It is a match made in heaven, for sure.  And when I say "little" I mean young, because this girl towers over me.  I mean she is tall!

6. On Wednesday I went to the doctor. I have a walnut sized fibroid inside of my uterus.  It is not growing, because I had it last year too.  But, it is causing me some problems and it is probably time to get it out.  It happens that there is a fibroid expert who works with the doctors I go to.  These folks (kinds of docs) are rare, I understand, and I am going to one.  I think maybe he does magic tricks to take the fibroid out.  The doctor suggested I might be able to go back to work the next day.  (I am thinking maybe not the next day, how about in a couple of days?)  A hysterectomy would take 4 to 6 weeks to recover from and I am not voting for that at the moment.  I know that God has plans for me, and I accept them, but I have an opinion on the matter.

7. Today we have no children at school, just one of those endless meetings that is supposed to make us smarter.  That, my dears, would be a good reason for home schooling.

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