Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Stove That Won't Leave.....

I wasn't blogging during the first attempt to replace my 20 something year old stove.  It still works.  Praise God because it is still the only stove I have.  The other appliances in the kitchen have been replaced with black or black and stainless ones.  Only the stove was a hold out from the original kitchen décor.

I have a tendency to name things and I named that stove Cinders.  She wasn't a bad stove but one of the front burners worked inconsistently and the digital display was fading.  And she was white  or sort of white.  She no longer fit in.  I wanted to replace her before we put the house up of sale someday and I had to leave a new stove.  I wanted to use a new stove.

In July there was a nice little sale on appliances.  I picked out a nice standard model that was very like Cinders only black and stainless.  The problem was, the stove didn't fit.  Cinders came out, the new stove wouldn't go in by a fraction of a fraction of an inch.

We had our trusty handy guys move the cabinets a quarter of an inch and we were ready for a new stove.  I ordered one and had it delivered Saturday afternoon.  The drawer at the bottom was bent.  We had them take it back.  At least we knew that it fit.

So, now here I stand wondering--will the third time be a charm?  Will I ever get a new stove?  Or will Cinders hang around forever?

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