Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Plans That Were Meant to Be Undone

Mom is doing well after her carpal tunnel surgery last week.  She is scheduled to see the doctor again on Thursday.  I felt so blest because my siblings were picking up the slack and taking Mom to the 2 doctor appointments she has this week.  I thanked God that I had had the courage and wisdom to ask for help and that my siblings had had the generous hearts to respond. Amen.

Then, Tuesday morning I had a call from Quincy, not my mom's number.  It was early morning before work.  My heart raced in my throat.  A 7am call from Quincy could not be good news.  Something happened to Mom.  I answered as quickly as possible and swallowed my fears.  Hello?

It was my brother.  He couldn't take Mom to her appointment.  He sounded exhausted and upset.  Then he explained that he was in Chicago.  His nine year old daughter had a burst appendix.  My brother is on his way to selling his house and moving north for this very precious only child to be able to have a dad in her life.  But, the move was mid-October.  Sigh.  And Pray.

So, as it turns out I will be heading up to Quincy for a quick over night to take my mom for her post op.  I am the slack picker upper and the person of last resort.  I am Mom's helper.  All of this is making me pray and re-consider moving her closer or into assisted living.  I am getting too old for all of this.  But, I trust that God has plans.

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