Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Birds

I am not much for the horror genre of literature or films.  I tend to have nightmares from such things.  Some people seem to really enjoy being scared.  Not me.  I shy away from the horror. I don't think I ever saw more than parts of the movie called "The Birds."

The Tuesday after Labor Day brought that film to mind for me in my library.  After a three day weekend with some rough rainy weather, there are bound to be issues around the school.  Air conditioning was out in most of the building except my library.  However, with the cold came an extremely loud rattle and a chirp.  A loud chirp.  At first I thought I imagined it.  Then I toured the room to look for evidence, but every so often I heard a loud bird chirping sound.  It never happened when I was down there in the back of the room.  It sounded to everyone who came in like the bird was in the vents.

I turned it in to maintenance and everyone laughed at me.  No one wanted to do anything about it.  I pictured listening to the death of the poor poor bird and then smelling its rotting carcass for months.  I lay awake on Tuesday night worrying about that bird and trying to figure out a way to save it.  I decided to get a tall ladder and use a screw driver and take apart everything I could.  Wednesday some English teachers helped me.  We got as far as lifting some of the drop ceiling tile when it seemed that the chirp might be coming from the door.

I have an alarmed back door.  The alarm makes a chirping.  I knew that when the battery was getting low it chirped, like a smoke alarm.  I had tried that door and the alarm first when I heard that chirp.  It just didn't sound like the bird was there.  But, as I had time to stand back there, I heard it.  The door alarm was chirping.  It was never any bird.

So, now I need to make amends to the English teachers and the custodial staff and the maintenance staff and all the kids I told to listen for the birds. I am relieved and thankful that no bird is dying in my vents.  I really am.

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