Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Bee Chairs

These little chairs are my mom's.  She tells me that for her 4th birthday that they were hanging over the mailbox with a tag having been sent to her from her uncle in southern Indiana.  She was an Illinois girl. 

Mom used to put Christmas decorations, little pillows on them and have them by her television when she still had her house.  All my life I have known these chairs.  They are the bee chairs.  I never thought about them being the bee chairs.  It is just what they were called.  If I had been forced to give an explanation I might have thought that the kind of chair they are is a "bee chair."  Maybe they looked like bees or were bigger or smaller than the "A" chairs.

My brother had the chairs for his daughter.  She is nine and no longer wants them.  The family is crowded into a condo and can no longer house them.  My brother passed them on to me, like good antiques are.

My mom was there at the passing of the chairs and she remembered the 89 years ago when the chairs had been hanging over the mailbox.  She went on to say that in college she had needed a project for an art class.  She had recaned (put new bottoms on the chairs, cane, I hate it when spell check thinks it is smarter than I am and makes assumptions without consulting me it keeps changing it to recanted!) those chairs.  She only got a "B" on them.  They are the "B" chairs.

(Now I get it. The "B" chairs!)