Monday, September 29, 2014

Reaching Out

As humans we are meant to reach out to each other.  A hermit or a solitary person is an anomaly not a normal state.  Humans grow in wisdom and knowledge by sharing with each other.  Faith grows more in the company of others with the same seeking for God.

Whether it is pride or shyness, I have to admit that in my family of origin we don't reach out to others for help, support or friendship as much as perhaps we should.  I say this because when the stuff goes down members of my family, myself included, have often found ourselves treading water alone.  I have found that when the stuff is going down it is a terrible time to try to make friends.  People who are largely strangers or acquaintances find themselves desperate not to get involved with my troubles.

I have thought about this as my little niece Hannah recovers from her ruptured appendix.  My brother is shy.  As an adult male who has found some success in life, a person might describe him as short tempered or maybe as a loner.  But I have known him all of his life and I know that he is shy.  So, I have done the calling to find out about my niece.  As a big sister, it is my role.

I need to try to reach out to others more, is something I have concluded from this whole thing. 

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