Monday, September 15, 2014

Called to Be Heroes

Most of us, at least when we are younger envision our lives as heroic and good.  We picture ourselves making the world a better place.  We long to do something important and meaningful with our lives.  I think this a universal thread.  As evidence, I site the superhero movies and comics and ancient sagas of heroes.

Then life happens and our dreams are measured against reality.  The world tells us we are not heroes, we can't make a difference, our lives are not important or even good.  We do the best we can and try to find a little happiness and once in a while we might do some small thing we are proud of.  If the big heroic moment happens to us, we look around all surprise and denial--who me?

But, I have come to believe that the vision of heroic goodness and the longing for important meaning in our lives comes from our creator.  God made us that way.  We long to tap into His power and help bring the world into His Kingdom.  We long for the ultimate good.

Most of us settle too quickly for the small and the ordinary.  Most of us fail to see the ordinary miracles and small graces and therefore lack the courage to work large and heroic good in Christ's name.  Our lives may seem small and ordinary and mundane, but we are called to be heroes.  Our lives are a mission, set on a path by our Savior.  We need to pray and listen and follow the call in our lives to be the persons we were created to me.  We are called to be heroes and to live our lives like the last great adventure.  We are called.

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