Monday, September 22, 2014


I read something on Facebook a while back during my break from blogging that someone was getting off  the internet because they had been verbally attacked or put down by someone for their Christian beliefs.  There were many encouraging comments inviting that person to stay and stand their ground.  I didn't follow or know the person who was getting off the web, so I can't comment further on that situation, but it got me thinking.

Some attacks may be works of the devil.  He is at work in our world and attack he will.  Jesus is stronger than the devil and as long as we hold on tight to Him, we will be protected.  Social media does allow us ways to distance ourselves by blocking or not allowing those comments.  I think that is a good idea.  If the attacker can't be heard, they may give up.

But, I was thinking also of the another kind of attack.  I haven't received attacks in the social media, but rather in person.  There are some people who seem to want to pick an argument with Christians. I had a family member who was one of those.  It seemed as though every time we got together, the snide comments and sarcastic remarks began.  Most people in the family tried to change the subject and avoid any mention of church or religious practices or God.  Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't.

Then one time out of my mouth came something to the effect, "It seems like the Holy Spirit must be working on you, because nobody here is bringing up anything to do with God and you keep bringing it up.  Perhaps you are having an internal struggle with God." That shut him up.  Thank You, Jesus.

And I don't know how the progression actually worked in his life because I don't live close and I haven't really discussed it all with him, but I would say from that time on he stopped attacking Christians.  Within a few years he was asking for prayers and within a short time after that, he was finding his way back to the Catholic Church.

It is something to think about.  Sometimes the argumentative folks are really just looking for answers.  Let you who are Christians pray for the words that the Holy Spirit can give you to lead that person to the truth in Jesus Christ.

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