Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes,

Jennifer Fulwiler, mother, author, blogger, speaker and radio host is the source of this meme.  There are many fine blogs that link up with her.  And some like mine.....

1. Last Saturday, I am happy to report, we got a stove delivered that we actually kept.  I do believe that the intercession of St. Lawrence had a hand in that.  We were laughing together when it was finally here.  It is so great to turn on every burner and to see them actually heat up.  Yay!
2. I spoke with my son briefly on Saturday.  He didn't mention the job he had applied for in Washington, DC, so either he didn't get it, or he didn't know yet.

3. Sunday, I crocked some beef and used up the last of my Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning.  I must get down there for some more of that.  It is my favorite all round seasoning.  When I grind a little over the beef, I feel like quite the gourmet without measuring or sweating the load--a little salt and pepper, a little savory and done.

4.  A funny thing happened last week when I had the special needs children at my library.  It really didn't have to do with the children, although they are a challenging group this year.  I once taught three year olds in a class of 26 of them, so I have mastered the ability to just keep on with story time and work in the odd scream or strange remark of the various students.  It works for me.  One of the aides took me aside at the end and told me that in my next life I should come back as a nun, because I was so patient.  I told her that I wasn't coming back, I was aiming for saint the first time. LOL Nun indeed.

5.  My sister is working on our book.  I suppose I need to get busy and do some additional research.  Back to 1876 Kansas. 

6.  My mom is having carpal tunnel surgery on Monday.  It is elective surgery and she is 93.  It seems crazy to have surgery at that age unless it was absolutely necessary.  But, Mom may live to 100.  Her hand hurt and went numb.  So, we are going to let a doctor slice open her left wrist and hope for the best.  It is what she wants.

7. I showed up early for spiritual direction on Tuesday.  Fortunately they have a library.  I started reading the documents of Vatican II.  I really need to spend some time with those.  Even the introduction was interesting.

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Jessica Snell said...

Trader Joe's is awesome. I like their Everyday Seasoning too. But last night, I made chicken using their Yellow Curry Sauce, and I just felt like *such* a good chef . . . :)