Friday, September 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Post Labor Day Edition

Jennifer Fulwiler, mother, author, and blog hostess welcomes we small folk to link up in a frenzy of lists of 7 for this little carnival.  Go around and meet some new folks.

1. So, last week I reported that we would be having our new stove delivered the next day. It was, but it was bent, so we didn't accept it.  And even Monday we couldn't reschedule the re-delivery of the new stove.  Our first one, well really, our second one, was still on the truck.  Then I tried to call to reschedule on Tuesday and I couldn't get through.  Then as my husband was leaving for work on Wednesday morning the delivery truck pulled up.  But the stove they had was completely bent and we didn't accept it.  They are supposed to deliver on Saturday again. It is anybody's guess now whether we might possibly have a new stove....I am thinking of asking for the intercession of St. Lawrence, because he knew a thing or two about roasting.  But, I would also like the intercession of a cook.  Any suggestions?

2. On Labor Day we invited friends to go out to a new restaurant called Omar's.  Unfortunately, right before they arrived, we discovered that Omar's is closed on Mondays.  So we ended up at Fazolis.  A good time was had by all and perhaps Omars can be saved for another day.

3. Tuesday I was back to work.  I kept hearing a bird in my library.  I couldn't see one though.  After much exploration I determined that a bird (probably a sparrow) was in the air conditioning vents.  Nobody would do anything about it.  I was accused of being high.  Listening to that bird made me a nervous wreck all day. I didn't sleep Tuesday night worried about that bird.  Then something happened Wednesday that changed the whole situation.  Tune in tomorrow here on the blog.  (No birds were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

4. On Tuesday I got 3 boxes of rocks (boxes of books).  Having an assistant to do the actual work of processing them made it all the better.  New books are the best parts of my job, if I don't count the kids who like to read.  But, new books are right up there.

5. On Wednesday I invited 60 of my closest friends to stay after school and help me fix up the computer carts.  Only I stayed.  So, the things I did, I did my way.  And I invited them again on Thursday and still only I stayed.  (But I stayed with the book club--see #6)

6. I had my first book club meeting on Thursday after school.  Lots of kids signed up--21.  They seemed to all like to read.  How the book club goes makes a big difference in how my year goes.  They were all excited about the books, but since my high school assistant stayed home sick on Thursday, the books didn't get ready to be checked out on time.  Eventually they will be ready.  As my high school librarian used to say to me when I was the president of the library club--There are no library emergencies.  The books will wait there until tomorrow.

7. I am hoping that the last gasp of very hot summer weather has come and gone this week.  As the days get shorter it is harder for the 90 plus temperatures to hold on into the night.  It is hard to believe and I cut back the overgrown rose bushes that fall is right around the corner.  I say--bring it!

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