Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The thing about Mom

About 10 years ago my mom had surgery for carpal tunnel on her right hand.  She was supposed to have her left done as soon as that one healed, but she decided that the surgery had not done that much good, so she would skip the left.  I told her to think about that because it wasn't going to get any better.  In the last couple of years Mom has started to complain about the left hand and wanted to get the surgery.  In her 9-s, I really couldn't see that it was wise to have elective surgery, but Mom persisted to the point that her doctor questioned why I wasn't letting her have it done.

So, we agreed to look into it.  It took all summer.  And now the surgery is scheduled for Sept. 15th.  Mom will need help.  Her mind is slipping.  That is the best I can say about it.  She is slipping. I would suspect that we are getting into the category were they might begin to call it Alzheimers.  Or whatever old age senility is called these days.

When we were with the doctor, he said that he did surgery on Monday, Wednesday and sometimes on Friday.  I told him Friday would work best.  But the nurse said that Mom was in such good health that she could only have the surgery at the surgery center and that was only done on Mondays.  On the up side, I could be there Sunday and take her Monday.  On the down side, how many work days was I having to take off?

I like my job.  It is demanding.  I am the only librarian and when I am not there, the library is essentially closed.  This is a school of over 800 students.  And I have things like processing and clean up and such to do.  I have stuff.

I am praying about it.  I know that there will be answers and it all won't be as awful as I think it will.  I need to Let Go of the anxiety and worry I feel and just trust that this will all work out.

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